artwork by waneella

The Jeweled Cypress is a Hingan and Doman eatery-and-tavern hosted in Limsa Lominsa on the Mateus server of FFXIV.It is open every other Sunday evening from 7pm to 10pm EST.

For any questions, comments, or concerns,
please contact our FC leader via Discord or in-game. No real gil needed!
In-Game: Priae Negotium
Discord: trashi3st#1313

Our Staff

Miden Rouge
Manager / Bartender

Kogath Buduga
Manager / Bartender

Va'lian Negotium
Owner / Security

Priae Negotium
Owner / Auxiliary

Arleigh Negotium
Owner / Server

Oakan Yarborough

Cahyi Quhyo

Hana Villiac

Kokai Kasanui
Bartender / Auxiliary

Chrysanthemum Soteur
Host / Auxiliary

Hostess Mascot

S'rhenni Amaht